BFF's with Nhung Le

FOF (Friend of Friends) Nhung Le, who makes some of our favorite cards and prints around under the name Chic+Nawdie is coming to do live portraits at our 5th bday this Thursday. Here's a little background on this illustrator we adore:



F: What's your favorite item of clothing?
NL: Truly a hard question for me! I adore clothes and have many favorite items. If I have to choose, it would be my pair of boots from Kavat, a Swedish brand. I picked them up on a trip to Gothenburg and have worn them for about 4 years. They are super comfortable yet stylish and I wear them with almost anything. I thought they are very simple - nothing too stands out but I have had at least five people (men and women!) asking me where to get them. I will buy the same pair again when this pair goes bad.

F: Who's your favorite artist?

NL: Another hard one haha. I admire many many painters and illustrators. Again, if I have to choose it would be Georgia O'Keeffe and James Jean. 

F: Who would write the intro to your autobiography?

NL: My mother. She's one amazing badass woman and she knows me the best.

F: What's your go to karaoke song? 

NL: Anything Britney Spears. I'm from Vietnam and we do karaoke A LOT. When I was growing up there, Britney was the bomb. Every girl sang Britney Spears at karaoke!

F: What would your superpower be?

NL: To have the Anywhere Door by Doraemon. As a kid, I read so much comics and Doraemon will forever be my favorite. I don't think people knows it much in the states but this Japanese manga series is a classic in Asia. 

F: Tell us a joke!

NL: I don't have one right now. However, I came across this on the internet and I can tell you now that I have a baby – It's sooooo true!