DEAR DIARY: Friends Goes to Europe

I have just returned from a 10-day jaunt to Paris & London and I made a little picture diary to share with you, mes amies. In a few words, there was eating (so much bread, so much butter) & there was drinking (omg the wine hangovers were B-R-U-T-A-L). All the food was fabulous, but one of the standouts was the prix-fixe tasting menu at Chateubriand, as well as the croissants of BUTTERY DREAMS from Du Pain et des Idees (I literally biked uphill both ways in the swealtering heat to procure these tasty treats).

Dear Diary European Vacation

We also saw a few fashion exhibitions along the way (I can't help myself). In Paris, at the Palais Galliera, an exhibition showcasing the fabulously tacky wardrobe of disco-chanteuse and actress, Dalida. And later, in London, we saw a Balenciaga retrospective at the Victoria & Albert museum. If you have never seen Cristobal Balenciaga designs in person, do yourself a favor and immediately book a ticket to London. His work is truly masterful.

Once in London, my husband, Jay, and I also visited one of my bffs from college (what up, McGill!) and her new-ish baby (il est tres cute). Hard to believe that my friend from university, is now a mom. But, it's nearly ten years ago now and we all have to stop attending warehouse raves at some point :)  We visited my friend's gem of a stationery store on Columbia Road, called Choosing Keeping. If you are a pen- or stapler-o-phile you must check out the website RN <3<3

I was so happy I had some of my Friends merch with me to make the trip even better. Of course, I had to bring my buddy a Friends pin, so she can rep our Bushwick store across the pond. Since I was in London - home of Lazy Oaf - I brought my Not Right Now tee...v v v useful for projecting annoying American tourist vibes. (While on annoying American point, why has Europe not heard of A/C? WHY???)

Vacation is amazing, but there is nothing quite like coming home. Back to NYC, back to work, and back at Friends.