Our other guest Tattoo babe is Joey Rosado from Evil & Love tattoo.  We posed our questions to him too..also Joey, give us that mug!


F: What's your favorite item of clothing?

J: My favorite item has to be my overalls. I ordered them straight from Amazon along with the rest of my wardrobe. 

F: What's the best Tattoo you've ever given?

J: I did a tribal Snorlax once.......

F: Who would write the intro to your autobiography?

J: Either Stone Cold Steve Austin or Oprah. I feel like a strong combination of the two. 

F: What's your go to karaoke song? 

J: I've never done karaoke but if I had to lip sync for my life, I wouldn't lose. 

F: What is your spirit animal?

J: My spirit animal is the Olsen Twins rolled into one. 

F: Tell us a joke!

J: Mmmm... let me think of one and I'll get to you.