BFF's with St. Kenia

We are sooooooooo excited to have our friend and awesome renaissance women Erica Kenia come to 56 Bogart Tuesday and be part of our Tattoo Natty.  Here's a little Q& A with our tattoo ace.


F: What's your favorite item of clothing?

E: This is a tough question because I'm a sentimental hoarder, but I think it's my 90's acid washed winter coat with a southwestern motif. It's long, has leather appliqués, I can throw it on over anything and it feels like an outfit not just a big coat. Perfect for the winter whatevers.


F: What's the best Tattoo you've ever given?

E: My very first one. It's terrible, but it's the mark of a turning point. A personal best.


F: Who would write the intro to your autobiography?

E: Can we get Bruce Springsteen to do it? I just read his autobiography and it was great.


F: What's your go to karaoke song? 

E: "There Are Worse Things I Could Do." From the Grease soundtrack. 


F: What is your spirit animal?

E: I don't know that I've really met my spirit animal yet. I just took two online quizzes for "insight". One said whale which feels right, and the other said honey badger which also feels right. The search continues!


F: Tell us a joke!

E: Oh boy. Ok.

Q: How many hippies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: None. Hippies screw in dirty sleeping bags.